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Share your love, a sense of security.

Quilts become a bedtime buddy, a source of soothing calm.

Many children keep their quilts with them constantly hugging them.  Quilts become a bedtime buddy, a source of soothing calm. 

Meet Patricia


Meet Patricia at Pinole Senior Center  every Wednesday in Pinole, California.  She volunteers in the Gift store.  Patricia also sells her craft on Amazon. 

My Story

Patricia began sewing her creations around the age of 8 when her grandmother would give her left over fabric.  With this fabric she designed and sewed clothes for her dolls.  After her retirement from her job in Washington D.C. she moved to West Virginia where she became a member of a quilting group and learned the art of quilting.  She visited the Amish community in Pennsylvania and noted the various quilting patterns.  She now lives in san Pablo, California and continues creating and selling her quilts.  She has learned that quilts offer comfort and a feeling of warmth and safety. Her grandson,Matt, had several operations and throughout kept his quilt with him.  This made him feel less alone.

Patricia's Quilting Technique

For the construction of her quilts Patricia uses printed panels with story scenes that will engage a child's imagination. She adds fabric to make the quilt large enough for the child to feel warm and secure.  She quilts by sewing around the characters on the panel. She uses quality cotton or flannel that can be washed repeatedly in warm water allowing for long term use.  Thus the quilts last for years retaining their bright colors.

Customize your product

You can email a request to Patricia  if you wish to embroider a child's name.  You can request specific colors for your quilt or a specific type of scene.  You can, also, send a picture and she can print it out on fabric and include it in the quilt.


Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person. Meet Patricia at Pinole Senior Center in Pinole, California.

Patricia has a newsletter where she discusses quilts made to assist the Underground Railroad which helped many slaves reach freedom in the North.  Leave your email and she will send you her newsletter. 

Patricia's Quilting Treasures

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